Lighting Control

Specializing in Lutron HomeWorks QS and RadioRA2 control solutions. We provide a Start To Finish approach to ensure project success.

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Shading Solutions

From privacy to UV protection and glare control, Lutron Shading Solutions provide marry function with elegance.

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Custom Integration

Your custom property may have some truly unique features and fixtures. Fish ponds, barn fans, fountains, door lock sensors, and on and on. You dream it and we can control it.

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Project Management

LED Lighting, Smart Appliances, Apps for Everything. Our Technical Project Management Service will ensure that best practices are used and everything plays well together.

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Total Lighting Control

Lutron HomeWorks QS and RadioRA2 Solutions

Ease of Control

Control has never been easier. A simple push of a button can set the proper ambiance cocktails or a romantic dinner. Time-based control can turn on landscape lighting at dusk and off at midnight. Trigger control can illuminate the property should an intrusion alert come from your security system

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is no longer the future, however controlling and dimming LED fixtures is not straight forward. Our experience with LED is second to none. We will work with your lighting designer to ensure proper controls are specified and installed.


Energy Efficiency

A variety of strategies are available to improve effeciency of your lighting system. From occupancy sensors, to limiting the amount of time loads are on, to "All Off" and "Away" commands. No more coming home to that full-lit, empty house.

HVAC Control

In addition to lighting and shading control, Lutron also provides HVAC controls that easily integrate within the system. Now your thermostats can also take advantage of knowing when you're away or asleep.

Shading Solutions

Privacy, UV Protection, Glare Reduction, Heat Gain Control


Perfectly Designed

Elegance Meets Function. Total lighting control isn't complete without control of your most important light source, the sun. Our shading solutions can be integrated with lighting commands like "Watch TV", "Goodnight" and "Vacation". And they're energy efficient. Cut down on heat gain associated with sun-facing windows. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, we can find the perfectly designed solution for you.


Custom Integration

You Dream It, We'll Make It Happen


Temperature, Energy, Water Flow, Access, etc. Monitor key systems to ensure all systems are working as desired.


Should something go arwy, get notified. Better yet, notify your contractor, maintenance professional or property manager.


Finally, take action. Cool House solutions are built to be responsive. Lose water pressure? Make sure fountains and circulation pumps are shuf off to prevent failure.

Cool House uses standard tools and development systems to integrate the simple and the complex. From remote control to automation to streamlined maintenance, our solutions simplify operation and are build for ease-of-use.

Project Management

Bridging The Inevitable Communications Gap


A little time spent up front can save a ton of headaches as projects near completion. Cool House stives to fully understand system goals, desired function, budgets and timeframes. In addition, we get to know all the project players and seek to understand their goals and asperations for the project. This leads to a comprehensive action plan to help ensure overall project success.


Many custom residential projects are fluid in nature. As designs evolve, it is imperative that team members stay on the same page. This can oftentimes be a challenge since many of the stakeholders and project participants speak different "languages", particularly when newer technologies are involved. From the owners to the design team to the trades, Cool House strives to bridge the communication gap to create a smooth project that works on day 1.

More Cool Stuff

Smart Home

The Smart Home Buzz has really spread over the last couple of years. While there are a ton of new solutions on the market, not all are as easy to use or reliable as they could be. Let Cool House help you navigate the options to ensure a solution is put together that is just right for you.


Music where you want it, when you want it. Music, both inside and outside of the home, continues to be one of our most popular offerings. Our Audio solutions focus on ease-of-use, sound quality and asthetic appeal. Same goes with our Video solutions.


As more and more content is delivered through the Internet, it's important to have a network designed and built to support it, particularly in large residences. Our network solutions use best-in-industry equipment to ensure maximum throughput and reliability.

Energy Efficiency

Building materials continue to play a key role in energy efficiency, particularly in the hot south. Couple that with smarter control of systems can make the payoff even better. Whether it's through Lighting Control, HVAC control, or more advanced strategies like Solar Power, Cool House can design and implement solutions to that give you bang for the buck.

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